Spectrometer Fun

November 28, 2011 Posted by jim
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Jack and a bunch of kids from his Parts and Crafts group built spectrometers using PVC pipe and CDs.  We then used the great free software at http://publiclaboratory.org/tool/spectrometer to analyze the pictures.

Here are some pictures we got of different light sources…

The Swarm

May 27, 2011 Posted by jim
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I was mowing the lawn today and I drove through a ton of honey bees. I look back and a giant swarm on our bush.  We called the kids and all the neighbors to see it. Here is a quick tour of the swarm. You could get really close because the bees have nothing to defend.

Natalie did some research and was able to find Alan and Marty to come get the bees.  Here is a movie on the moment of truth:

Alan and Marty were great!  Check out their website for carpentry, bee removal, etc. alsbirdsandbees.com Thanks guys.

This is how honey bee hives create new hives.  I always though that a new queen is created and she leaves the hive, but Alan and Marty told us that its actually the old queen who leaves.  Anyway, here are some pictures of the whole event.

Allison Bakes

March 20, 2011 Posted by jim
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Allison made some delicious Raspberry Filled Delights.  Even though fruit doesn’t belong in desserts, it was delicious.

Amherst in October (with Moose and Hawk)

October 11, 2010 Posted by jim

Misc Fall Pictures

September 26, 2010 Posted by jim
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